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I'm sorry if this has already been asked and answered but I would really like to know what role (1-5) the player is in. I know there is Inspect.Unit.Detail.role but that only gives you "tank", "heal", "dps", "support" or nil. Is there currently any way to get the role or spec the player is in? If there isn't are there any plans to add this in the future? Ideally Inspect.Unit.Detail.spec or maybe Inspect.Unit.Detail.soulRole would be good.
Most likely, this functionality will show up with an entire Soul Tree API.This isn't ideal, but you could also record the role change ability IDs, then watch for those to be cast. You'd have to ask the player to change roles on first logon, but after that, you'd have the information stored.Edit: Actually, I think if the player's in "role 2" then the "role 2" ability will be unavailable. This is a hokey and fragile approach but it may work.
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