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Here's the 1.5 to 1.6 changelist:NEW FEATURES:BIG THINGS:* Added *.Achievement.*, for inspecting everything achievement-related.* Added *.Item.*, for inspecting inventory and banks, as well as equipping and reorganizing items.* Added Inspect.Cursor(), Command.Cursor(), and Event.Cursor. These functions allow addons to monitor and modify the item or ability that the player has "picked up".* Added Command.Tooltip(). This allows addons to set the current tooltip.* Added new frame type, "RiftScrollbar".* Macros can now be added to frame event handlers. Ensure that the frame is restricted and that the player is out of combat, then simply set the event to a string (for example, myframe.Event.LeftDown = "cast Planar Lure"). Commands can be separated by newlines up to the addon line limit.* Addon-style unit specifiers can now be used in macros while the addon system is running (for example, "target @focus.target").INSPECTION AND EVENTS:* Added Inspect.Addon.List() and Inspect.Addon.Detail(), allowing addons to get information about loaded items and inspect values from the TOC.* Added a .toc member to the information table provided as a parameter to each file.* Added Inspect.System.Secure(), which returns the current secure state.* Added Event.Mouse.Move, allowing for global notification when the mouse pointer is moved.* Added damageDeflected member to Event.Combat.Damage.* Added description and rune members to Inspect.Buff.Detail.* Added description member to Inspect.Ability.Detail.UNITS:* Added .combat member to the result from Inspect.Unit.Detail(), added Event.Unit.Detail.Combat.* Added new race, raceName, tag, tagName, locationName, publicSize, faction, factionId, factionName, tagged, and tier members to Inspect.Unit.Detail. Added Event.Unit.Detail.LocationName, Event.Unit.Detail.PublicSize, and Event.Unit.Detail.Tagged.* Added .type member to the result of Inspect.Unit.Detail. This is a unique unit type ID, which can be used for identifying NPC types without carrying around large translation tables.* Added titlePrefixId, titlePrefixName, titleSuffixId, and titleSuffixName members to Inspect.Unit.Detail(), along with equivalent events. This gives access to language-agnostic title prefixes and suffixes.* Added Event.Unit.Detail.Ready to monitor readycheck status.* Unit specifiers can now be chained off of unit IDs. For example, Inspect.Unit.Detail(Inspect.Unit.Lookup("player") .. ".target") is now equivalent to Inspect.Unit.Detail("player.target").LAYOUT:* Added Layout:GetType(), which returns a string indicating the actual type of that layout or frame.* Introduced a new frame type "Element", replacing the old "FrameReadonly". Conceptually, Frame inherits from Element and Element inherits from Layout. Elements differ from Layouts in that an Element can have child Frames. Elements cannot be directly created by addons. Many of Frame's functions, as well as all of Frame's events, are provided in Element. The return values of RiftWindow's :GetBorder() and :GetContent() functions are now Elements.* Errors have been added for several common frame layout mistakes, including circular dependencies and NaN offsets.* Added RiftButton:SetSkin(), giving the ability to change the standard text button into a close button.BREAKING CHANGES:* Errors have been added for several common frame layout mistakes, including circular dependencies and NaN offsets. This may cause addons that previously accidentally functioned to break.* A restricted frame's events may no longer be changed while in combat.NONBREAKING CHANGES:* Added "1.6" as a valid environment.* Added "1.7" as a known, but not valid, environment.* Clean up stacktraces. Stacktraces will no longer include internal Rift functions. This process may not be completely reliable - please report any incorrect stacktraces.* Rendering CPU usage will now be credited to the owner of the context. This means that the reported addon CPU usage may increase significantly.* Security-related error messages will now have a header that refers to security, instead of the old parameter error message.* Many behavior improvements to RiftTextfield.* Deprecated functions and events will now say so in the documentation.* The .planar, .planarMax, and .vitality members of Inspect.Unit.Detail() are now available for groupmembers. The equivalent events will also now fire for groupmembers.* Inspect.Unit.Detail("player") is now guaranteed to return at least the player's name.* Text frames will now set their default size to perfectly fit their text.* Texture frames will now set their default size to perfectly fit whatever texture they have been set to.BUGFIXES:* Add documentation for the .ability member returned by Inspect.Buff.Detail().* UI.CreateFrame will now give a correct error message if called with an invalid frame type.* Fix misleading error message when passing nil for an event handler.* Frames with "limited" MouseMasking will now pass mouse events all the way through to the environment, not just to other frames.* Teleporting will now properly trigger messages indicating that the player unit is not available.* Fixed .role missing from raidmembers who are outside your group.* Slider handles will no longer become invisible.* Fix mouse events showing up with dramatically negative numbers when clicking an element inside a mask, then dragging outside the mask.* RiftTextfield:SetSelection(), with no parameters, will no longer cause errors.* RiftTextfield:GetSelection() will now properly return nil when there is no selection.* Improved the reliability of the Open Addon Directory button.* Fixed a memory leak caused by overwriting frame events without setting them to nil first.* Updated UI.CreateFrame() documentation to include all current frame types.DIFF:
Inspectors:	Inspect.Achievement.Category.Detail	Inspect.Achievement.Category.List	Inspect.Achievement.Detail	Inspect.Achievement.List	Inspect.Addon.Detail	Inspect.Addon.List	Inspect.Cursor	Inspect.Item.Detail	Inspect.Item.Find	Inspect.Item.List	Inspect.System.Secure Commands:	Command.Cursor	Command.Item.Destroy	Command.Item.Move	Command.Item.Split	Command.Tooltip Utilities:	Utility.Item.Slot.All	Utility.Item.Slot.Bank	Utility.Item.Slot.Equipment	Utility.Item.Slot.Guild	Utility.Item.Slot.Inventory	Utility.Item.Slot.Parse	Utility.Item.Slot.Quest	Utility.Item.Slot.Wardrobe Events:	Event.Achievement.Complete	Event.Achievement.Update	Event.Cursor	Event.Item.Slot	Event.Item.Update	Event.Mouse.Move	Event.Unit.Detail.Combat	Event.Unit.Detail.LocationName	Event.Unit.Detail.PublicSize	Event.Unit.Detail.Ready	Event.Unit.Detail.Tagged	Event.Unit.Detail.TitlePrefixId	Event.Unit.Detail.TitlePrefixName	Event.Unit.Detail.TitleSuffixId	Event.Unit.Detail.TitleSuffixName UI:	Layout:		Members:			GetType		Events:	Element: Inherits from Layout		Members:			GetAlpha			GetBackgroundColor			GetKeyFocus			GetMouseMasking			GetVisible			SetAlpha			SetBackgroundColor			SetKeyFocus			SetMouseMasking			SetVisible		Events:			KeyDown			KeyFocusGain			KeyFocusLoss			KeyType			KeyUp			LeftClick			LeftDown			LeftUp			LeftUpoutside			MiddleClick			MiddleDown			MiddleUp			MiddleUpoutside			Mouse4Click			Mouse4Down			Mouse4Up			Mouse4Upoutside			Mouse5Click			Mouse5Down			Mouse5Up			Mouse5Upoutside			MouseIn			MouseMove			MouseOut			RightClick			RightDown			RightUp			RightUpoutside			WheelBack			WheelForward	RiftButton: Inherits from Frame		Members:			GetSkin			SetSkin	RiftScrollbar: Inherits from Frame		Members:			GetEnabled			GetOrientation			GetPosition			GetRange			GetThickness			Nudge			NudgeDown			NudgeUp			SetEnabled			SetOrientation			SetPosition			SetRange			SetThickness		Events:			ScrollbarChange			ScrollbarGrab			ScrollbarRelease
UPCOMING BREAKING CHANGES:* The titlePrefix/titleSuffix members of Inspect.Unit.Detail() will be removed. Use titlePrefixName/titleSuffixName instead.* Inspect.Event.TitlePrefix and Inspect.Event.TitleSuffix will be removed. Use Inspect.Event.TitlePrefixName and Inspect.Event.TitleSuffixName instead.* All GetDefaultWidth/GetDefaultHeight/GetFullWidth/GetFullHeight/ResizeTo* functions have been deprecated and will be removed. Frames now default to those sizes.
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