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RIFT 1.6: From the Embers plunges players into all new adventures across the vast and mysterious Ember Isle. Once the home of the Kelari, Ascended will battle new enemies to unlock the secrets of the island and uncover the treasures that await you!RIFT 1.6: From the Embers FeaturesFull Details @ The Update Page
  • New Zone: Ember Isle
  • New Dungeon: Caduceus Rise, One normal mode and 2 Expert wings!
  • New 10-man Sliver: Rise of the Phoenix, the first 10-player Tier 2 Raid!
  • New PvP Alt Mode: Black Garden Stockpile joins the rotation
  • Planar Attunement: Tier 2 unlocked!
  • Ascend-a-Friend: Now you can invite your friends and track the status of your rewards!
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