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Ok enough sucking up lol, I do have a question, idk if im just blind or if its actually missing but I don't see the RiftScrollbar frame type in live or pts documentation in this thread but saw the post about it in the pts addon changelog forum post you made yesterday. I am very interested in getting to use this frame soon as i've been waitin for somethin like this.
Should be there now
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Also i've been wantin to make a request and idk if this is the right place or not but will put it in there too if i find it, but I was hoping you could add some of the same functions to the RiftTextfield frame type as we are given in the Text frame type, things such as SetFontColor() and such. I have been struggling with RiftTextfields for some time now in my menu windows when trying to set a background color for the RiftTextfield frames and the font color becomes almost unreadable if the background color is set to some darker colors.
It's definitely on the list, it's just that the list is very, very long.
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I also have been having issues that may be errors in my code but I am unable to see how or why its happening if it is, but when using RiftWindow and adding basic frames to section off the backgrounds for certain parts I have found that Text frames with white text sometimes become grey as if they were underneath the transparent black background. However I have tried hard coding the layering to fix this and some of the text is pure white and some is greyed over and I can't seem to figure out why. It is always the same text frames that are covered which confuses me if its not my error but I can't see why with hard coding it could possibly be a code error.
There's a glitch in the current codebase in that layer changes done in a click event handler may not be dealt with properly. Alternatively, it might be a bug. I'd recommend coming up with a minimal test case and posting it on the forums, someone may be able to tell you what's going wrong.
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