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I am really curious about this. I never had any inventory issues that I know of, and my bags are in an order that totally made sense when they were all 10-slot bags.
In some of the early test code, I figured out how many bags the player had by simply iterating through the bags and stopping the first time you didn't find a valid bag.Make a new character. Drag the bag in slot #1 to slot #2. Tada, slot #1 is empty, so the old system no longer thinks you have any bags. Same bug happened with the bank if you decided to leave the first bag slot empty for some reason.It actually took us a while to figure out what was going on - the main addon guy in QA has his character consistently set up that way to flush out bugs, but he didn't realize it was triggering this bug, so we had a confusing back-and-forth until he figured out the cause of the problem and I had a head-desk moment.Fixed now, anyway.
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Maybe I am clue-deficient, but I don't see where the documentation is for what event handlers for these get for args.
No arguments at this time. They signal that things have changed, but if you want to see what the actual change is, you call the appropriate function to find out.
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