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This is now officially a Discussion thread, a new thread has been started for the bare PTS changelog. I'll keep posting the changelists in both places.NEW FEATURES:* Added new frame type, "RiftScrollbar".BUGFIXES:* Inspect.Item.Split() will now function properly on guildbank items.* Fix a crash caused by logging into a party with pets.* Fix several errors dealing with the inventory and bank of people who don't place their bags in order from left to right.* Fix glitch causing slot specifiers to often not be determined properly.* Fix crash in Inspect.Item.Find() when searching for missing items.DIFF:
UI:	RiftScrollbar: Inherits from Frame		Members:			GetEnabled			GetOrientation			GetPosition			GetRange			GetThickness			Nudge			NudgeDown			NudgeUp			SetEnabled			SetOrientation			SetPosition			SetRange			SetThickness		Events:			ScrollbarChange			ScrollbarGrab			ScrollbarRelease
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