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Hey all , Sorry for the lack of updates here. Hereís what I have for you at the moment.
  • Various builds with 51 points in Chloro arenít showing up as healing builds in the UI indicator.
    Yeah, the Archon has a similar issue. This is a more complicated issue than you might expect. Iíll see what I can get to happen on it though.
  • The Stormcaller synergy crystal isnít as good as it used to be with the new rotation.
    Iíll take a look at it. No promises on if anything will actually change on it, but Iíll take a look.
  • The Electrified UI has issues with showing duration when you switch targets.
    This should be fixed with 1.6
  • Instant cast Bloom/Flourish will not cast while moving if the Opportunity proc is active.
    This has been working for me. Is it still an issue?
  • Improved Warlock Armor isnít giving the appropriate buff to Fire Armor.
    This is fixed
  • Flame Bolt sometimes bugs out and does not grant its spell damage buff.
    I havenít been able to get this to happen for me. What buffs or other effects do you have active when youíre seeing this?
  • Volcanic Bomb doesnít stack with Internalize Charge.
    This is intentional.
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