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For example, you are okay with NPSee, but not okay if an addon allows you to spam click one button and always targets the 'correct' mob, or just the mob with the lowest HP?
This seems pretty accurate.
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In terms of NPSee - it gets who you and your group members are targeting. Isn't it possible to just use group02.target and what-not in the macro, instead of a specific name? Would that work - allowing people to click on the NPSee frames to target the people? Or is group02.target too dynamic to allow in addons?
"group02.target" is totally allowed (and works right now), but changing unit specifier at runtime is too dynamic. NPSee doesn't show a list of things that players are targeting, it shows a list of all known NPCs. If everyone is targeting a boss, then NPSee will show the boss once - if someone targets an add, then NPSee will show both the boss and the add. Essentially, the current layout lets you make unit frames and predefined click zones for target-of-whatever, but by its very nature, NPSee can't be shoehorned into that layout.
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