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I see. Thanks for all the clarification. Is there any plan to eventually attempt to rework/improve this behavior to allow for addons like Wire's NPSee, while still keeping the majority of bot-like addons away?
If I had any idea how to allow NPSee while preventing bots, then I would. At the moment, I don't believe it's possible. API suggestions are welcome.
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And, a general question to everyone... although I am not a big fan of WoW, their addon API is, at the very least, older than RIFT's. I am not experienced with it. How does WoW handle issues like this, with bot-like addons, but still allowing addons to target someone while you are in combat? Or do they just not care at all?
Pretty much the exact same way. There's one thing I didn't mention in depth - you can also use unit specifiers. For example, if you want a button for "target what the fourth player in the raid is targeting", you can do that - it's "target @group04.target". Anything that you can describe in terms of a unit specifier can be targeted. That's how things like clickable target-of-target frames work ("target @player.target.target").
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Could you please create new threads with quoting from this one, instead of replying ? This isn't a changelog anymore ! Now, there are more floods than changelogs !
I think you've got a good point, honestly. On Monday I'll add a new "PTS Addon Changelog" thread, lock it, rename this to "Changelog Discussion", and start mirroring PTS changelogs into both. It was fine when it was a little discussion but now that there's a lot of discussion, it's time to split things up (Feel free to keep discussing, this will be an official discussion thread in a day or so.)
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