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But if you had 5 bars set up, each one with each group member, you could click that bar to target and cast a spell on said target, correct? Essentially "Healbot".
Correct. You wouldn't even need to target if you didn't want to, you could just cast the spell directly. (For those reading, note that the "Healbot" addon is not actually an automated healer - it's incapable of choosing which person to target, it just makes the process of healing involve slightly fewer steps.)
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Understandable. However, why wouldn't it work when I get targeted during combat? When I'm targeted by someone in the group, my name will be added to the list shown by NPSee. Therefore, my name ends up in a string somewhere (else it couldn't be shown). The targeting "macro" itself wouldn't change if only the value, not the name, of the string changes. If the macro would be something like "target row04", where row04 hold the name of the 4th player/npc in the list, and during combat Arcii gets added as 4th, wouldn't just the value of row04 change without changing the script itself and make me targetable? Or am I totally overlooking something? (could be :P)
"row04" isn't a valid unit specifier The list of valid unit specifiers is provided by the addon API and can't be added to. It starts with "player", "group01" through "group20", "focus", or "mouseover". From there, you can append ".target", ".pet", or ".owner", as many times as you want. So, for example, focus.target.pet.target would mean: find the player's focus, find what that unit is targeting, find the pet of that unit, and find what that pet is targeting. If it can't be expressed within that framework, you can't specify it in a macro.
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