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So it wouldn't be possible to target something using an onclick event? For example, Wire's NPSee addon shows Arcii in one of the displayed bars, would it possible to make it so clicking the specific bar would target me? (even when in combat) It wouldn't add must risk (only those targets already targeted by a group/raid member would be targetable), but would be a big help.
It's (sort of) possible to target something using an onclick event, but it's not possible to change those targets on the fly. In the case of NPSee, the script "target Arcii" could be used to target you if the player clicked the bar, in-combat or out of combat, or "target group02.target" if the second groupmember targeting you is how the addon system knows about you. *However*, if the player went into combat and then group02 targeted you, there would be no way to add that script - clicking you wouldn't work until the player dropped out of combat and could change the script. This is all to prevent addon-based autotargeting. If we allowed that feature, then people could (and likely would) make PvP/raid addons where you just clicked one spot on the screen and it automatically targeted the appropriate thing. Unfortunately, a few legitimate uses of this feature, like NPSee's bars, end up killed along with the automation that we're intentionally preventing.
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