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There's reference to a command throttle. What do we need to know about that? It sounds like there might be pretty stuff limits on what we can do until we have that notification of command completion...
Good question The short answer: there is a limit to how many commands you can send to the server per second. If you exceed that limit, then it will just block on the command until you can send another command. In other words, you don't need to worry about that limit for *correctness*, but you do need to worry about it for efficiency and framerate. Right now the limit is 25 commands per second, with a buffer of 100 commands, and there's no way to get the throttle status. This will change, this is just something I threw in kind of at the last minute. Don't reorganize your entire inventory while you're in the middle of a raid fight. Anything else should be fine.
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Not really an Item API question but would it be possible to re-use the tooltip for stuff other than items? Like completely arbitrary text and/or textures?
Text *might* occur. Textures probably won't. A better solution would be to write your own tooltip frame. At some point in the future we'll be adding Inspect.Tooltip and Event.Tooltip, similar to the *.Cursor line of functions, which should make custom tooltips rather seamless.
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