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requiredLevel: This is only showing for items which explicitly state their level. This, it turns out, does not solve the rune application problem. I have a quest reward; I want to know what level of rune I can apply to it...
We're not currently giving detailed information on the effects of items, and that's a category that "rune" falls into. This will probably show up later but likely won't be in 1.6. Incomplete API
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Inspect.Item.Detail() should, perhaps, include item ID in its return. This is not especially significant when the specificer was an item ID, but it's very helpful when inspecting a slot.
This will show up later, along with similar behavior for units, abilities, and so forth. That said, you can get it through Inspect.Item.List() as well.
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Command.Item.Move() should probably yield a status indicator of some sort rather than popping a verbose usage message in cases where the command's structure was sane/valid, but there was some issue like "not actually an item in that slot" preventing operation. In particular:
As you may have noticed, these are the first functions provided that actually send commands to the server - every function up until now has merely inspected the client state or tweaked the UI. This does mean that we're going to have to figure out a good approach to informing the client when things have completed That project didn't make it into 1.6, but it'll be showing up later, quite likely in callback form - provide an optional function, and you're guaranteed to get either a "yes it worked" response or a computer-readable error code. Right now, there's no great solution.
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* I can't figure out how to equip a bag. I tried to move a bag to "si04", and got a usage error. But si04 appears to be the thing denoting the bag itself, no? If that's not it, how WOULD I do that?
Utility.Item.Slot.Inventory("bag", 4), which translates to "sibg.004", I believe. That said, be careful about using those strings directly - they may change without warning, you're really intended to use the utility functions.
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Command.Tooltip() seems to always put the tooltip window in the upper-left corner of the screen.
It should go wherever your tooltip anchor is, which is the same spot as the tooltip shows up when you mouseover a player ingame. More control over this will likely show up later, this was sort of an "oh man, right now people have to reimplement the entire item tooltip by hand, that sucks" last-minute solution.
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This is still an awesome interface. I really, really, like the implicit-globbing behavior where si01 is all of bag 1, while si01.001 is a single slot.
Thanks Later we're planning to support things like moving to a category - "take something out of your bank and put it in a spare slot" would be Command.Item.Move((bank item here), "si"), or "se" to equip it in whatever slot is valid. Not supported yet, however.
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