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NEW FEATURES:* Added Inspect.Item.Detail(). You know what this does.* Added Inspect.Item.Find(), providing an easy lookup from item ID to slot specifier.* Added Command.Item.Move(), permitting the movement (and equipping) of items.* Added Event.Item.Slot, which triggers when items move.* Added Event.Item.Update, which triggers when items are changed.* Added Utility.Item.Slot.Parse(), which takes a slot specifier and returns a more readable format.* Macros can now be added to frame event handlers. Ensure that the frame is restricted and that the player is out of combat, then simply set the event to a string (for example, myframe.Event.LeftDown = "cast Planar Lure"). Commands can be separated by newlines up to the addon line limit.* Addon-style unit specifiers can now be used in macros while the addon system is running (for example, "target @focus.target").* Added factionId, factionName, tagged, and tier members to Inspect.Unit.Detail(). Add Event.Unit.Detail.Tagged.* Added damageDeflected member to Event.Combat.Damage.* Added description and rune members to Inspect.Buff.Detail.* Added description member to Inspect.Ability.Detail.* Added Inspect.Cursor(), Command.Cursor(), and Event.Cursor. These functions allow addons to monitor and modify the item or ability that the player has "picked up".* Added Command.Tooltip(). This allows addons to set the current tooltip.* Added RiftButton:SetSkin(), giving the ability to change the standard text button into a close button.BREAKING CHANGES:* A restricted frame's events may no longer be changed while in combat.* Renamed Utility.Item.Slot.Character to Utility.Item.Slot.Equipment.BUGFIXES:* Improved the reliability of the Open Addon Directory button.* Fixed a memory leak caused by overwriting frame events without setting them to nil first.* Fixed a crash when Inspect.Achievement.Detail() is called during the initial achievement update message.* Fixed the documentation of the "type" member for Inspect.Unit.Detail(). This no longer incorrectly refers to "id".* Updated UI.CreateFrame() documentation to include all current frame types.DIFF:
Inspectors:	Inspect.Cursor	Inspect.Item.Detail	Inspect.Item.Find	Inspect.Item.List Commands:	Command.Cursor	Command.Item.Destroy	Command.Item.Move	Command.Item.Split	Command.Tooltip Utilities:	Utility.Item.Slot.Equipment	Utility.Item.Slot.Parse Events:	Event.Cursor	Event.Item.Slot	Event.Item.Update	Event.Unit.Detail.Tagged UI:	RiftButton: Inherits from Frame		Members:			GetSkin			SetSkin
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