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Hey all, Couple of updates today for you.
  • I should have a fix in for 1.6 for the Static Discharge debuff sticking around too long on pets.
  • I think the issue of the Necromancer crystal 4 piece bonus procing even if you donít have the crystal equipped is fixed, but Iím not 100% on that. Let me know if youíre still seeing it after 1.6.
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Would it be possible to display this damage modifier in the tooltip for each skill?
Right now there isn't the option to do this. I can ask around and see what I can find out about having numbers in the tooltip more accurately reflect what the damage will actually be, but I don't know that you would see anything from it any time soon.
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didnt go through every page but if it has not been mentioned. note wild growth is claiming 25m range and most certianly is more closer to 8 - 10m range still. Can we please get the 10% damage bonus extended to 25m as tooltip suggests. It's really annoying standing in so close to melee with movements when trying to channel cast ect.
Don't think I'd heard this one. It should be fixed with 1.6
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And Planar Attunement, right? Intelligence gained through planar attunement is the same as intelligence gained through leveling, and that's included in the calculations...yes? Or, does Planar Attunement treated as an increase in your base character levels? Travel time is one thing, but consider a rogue when he is in melee range, attacking. A rogue's GCD is 1 second, and each of his autoattacks (MH+OH) typically have an attack speed of 1.5 seconds, or so. Therefore the rogue is hitting you at a rate of, roughly, slightly over 2 attacks every second. (i.e. 1 attack every 0.4-0.5 seconds)
Currently the intelligence gained through planar attunement isn't included in the calculations. I see what you're saying about the situation with Charged Shield. At the moment I don't have a good idea for how to fix this particular instance of the problem. I'll see if I can come up with something though. Regarding Flowing Sand, the good news is I'll take a look at it and probably make some tweaks to it, the bad news is any changes won't be part of 1.6. I'll try to get any updates to it out with a hotfix, but I don't have a time frame for it at the moment. I'll take a look at the Charge consumption on Power Drain as well. I'm not sure if any changes will make it for 1.6 though.
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