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Hey all, Per usual we seek to keep you up to date on the top issues we're currently investigating, fixing, or have fixed with the latest RIFT update. Please note, this list may not contain every issue; however, we'll do our best to keep it as thorough as possible. Thanks for your feedback and reports to help us constantly improve RIFT! FIX IN PROGRESS
  • World Event items from 1.4 require crystal sourcestones, which no longer exist. (You can continue to purchase 1.4 event items from the World Event merchant in your capital city btw!)
  • Chronicles of Attunement can get stuck in certain places, fixes are incoming. (In some cases, exiting the instance and waiting 15 minutes before re-entering may resolve some of the current issues)
  • Currently you cannot enter the Runic Descent dungeon.
  • A party in raid-form cannot enter a chronicle.
  • If a party member leaves the group while a loot-roll is in progress the item will be stuck on the NPC's corpse and cannot be looted.
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