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Hey all,Wanted to toss in a quick note. I'm working on a post to start a new bug list thread for 1.5. I should have it up sometime tomorrow. Mostly the post contains a list of issues from this thread that are still unresolved, but I may have some other updates in it as I reread this thread and find anything I may have missed.Some small updates on some of the recent posts (these are basically cut and paste from the new post). At the moment these are just on the radar and I don't have a fix in for any of them just yet.
  • Burning bonds pvp duration is 4 seconds
    I wasnít able to reproduce this when I last tested it, but Iíll take another look at it and see if there is something Iím missing.
  • Charged Shield: Damage is delayed procing on the target. Doesnít proc damage at all if an additional damage proc occurs with a damaging attack.
    Haven't had a chance to revisit this yet. Its on "the list" though.
  • Haunting Pain damage doesnít match up with what is expected.
    I think I may know whatís going on here, but I havenít had a chance to dig into it yet.
  • Ability and item buffs are not consistently affecting pets. (Including Burning Powerstone)
    I need to look into this issue as a whole and not just a single buff like Burning Powerstone. Ideally the behavior on how buffs on you affect your pets would be consistent and Iíll need to spend some time finding out the ďwhyĒ behind how it currently works.
  • The changing cast time for different ranks of Fireball causes confusion.
    Yep, sure does. Iíll look into what would work best to help clear this up.
  • Essence Surge: Eats reflects in pve.
    Havenít had a chance to look at this one yet, but if I can get it to happen for me it sounds like it should be relatively easy to fix.
  • Watertouched Soulstone doesnt have effect on hypothermia affected targets, if you dont target them.
    Another issue I havenít had a chance to look at just yet. If I can verify this, I think I may know why its happening and a potential fix.
Keep anything else you find coming though. I'll try to make sure I pull as much from this thread as I can into the new one, once I get it started.
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