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After a weekend of repeated crashes and chasing ghosts in my computer, I logged on to my characters about dinner time Pacific. Each toon I logged onto crashed once in the first 5-10 mins and then poof problem gone. I logged on this morning and played all of my toons through their dailies (aprox 2.5 - 3 hrs ) nd not even a stutter.So my theory is that this being patch week Trion has done some background downloading in order to prep for the release of 1.5. This bg activity may have choked or some how got crossed in sending causing numerable crashes.
The RIFT client doesn't currently do any background downloading while you're playing, apart from receiving data from the server about nearby players and their actions. If you play during peak time on the weekend there will be many more players around you and the client will download much more data and will use more memory than if you play during off hours. This doesn't explain the crashes but it could be part of the cause.
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