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Hey everyone, Thanks again for your continued feedback - below you’ll find the next round of proposed changes for Rogues. Overall we’d like to increase damage slightly in the backend of a number of trees. For the most part all of the changes below are pure buffs and, as always, are subject to change so please continue to share your thoughts.The changes below also don’t include any tanking changes for the Riftstalker however we will be addressing a number of their tanking issues very early in the 1.5 patch cycle i.e. well before 1.6.For this discussion we’re going to be focusing on keeping all posts on topic – we ask that you only post in reference to rogues as they are on PTS when taking these changes into account. Discussions that are off topic will be moderated – there are plenty of other threads where you can share those thoughts, thanks for your cooperation!SaboteurWith the updates to all souls in 1.5, Rogues should no longer feel dependent on Saboteur for AOE damage. Changes to High Explosives and Residual Shrapnel have been discussed previously but we feel now is the time to make them in tandem with the following buffs to other souls. Saboteurs should now achieve competitive single target and AOE damage without using the same rotation for both.
  • High Explosive: Lowered the critical strike damage bonus
  • Residual Shrapnel: Lowered the benefit to Shrapnel Charge. The bonus to Blast Charge has not been changed
  • Nightstalker: Now gives bonuses for targets above 30% health (These will not be the same bonus as targets below 30% health)
  • Weapon Flare: Now requires a target selected, awards a combo point
  • Fiery Chains: Increased the number of targets hit, now has a chance to award a combo point for each target hit
  • Impale: Damage slightly increased, should now be more comfortable in a Final Blow/Impale rotation
  • Physical Trauma: Increased the bonus to Final Blow
  • Double Coup: Increased the effectiveness
  • Blade and Soul Parity: Now grants critical strike bonus damage
  • Twin Strike: Now hits additional targets
  • Compound Attack: Now hits additional targets
  • Silver Tip Munitions: Is no longer considered a curse, now stacks to 20
  • Fan Out, Crossfire, Lightning Fury: Now hits additional targets
  • Collateral Damage: Now increases all AOE damage for Ranged Weapons, no longer applies its old bonus
  • Master Huntsman: Blood Raptor now receives more of a bonus from Master Huntsman
  • Rain of Arrows: Cooldown reduced to 6 seconds
  • Rift Disturbance: Now requires a target, now awards an attack point
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