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NEW FEATURES:* Added energyMax result to Inspect.Unit.Detail, added Event.Unit.Detail.EnergyMax.* In addition to the info table provided as the first parameter to each file in an addon, the "data" table from the info table will now be provided as the second parameter directly, making it somewhat easier to use.BREAKING CHANGES:* Event.Chat.Npc will no longer trigger for zone event notifications. We'll be providing those later, through an as-yet-undefined interface.* The SavedVariable path will now use proper unicode characters, making non-English character, account, and server names readable in your file browser. Unfortunately this also means that if you've been testing with non-English character, account, or server names, your previous SavedVariables will no longer be found and will have to be recreated.BUGFIXES:* Inspect.Documentation() will now properly return documentation for events in the case where you refer to the event by string rather than table. It will also list the name of the event properly.DIFF:
Events:	Event.Unit.Detail.EnergyMax
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