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And of course the edit timer. Elrar, no offense but most of the specs you posted arent even close to Sabdancer or other builds that we discovered after 1.5. Marksman requires the 4 Piece Hammerknell crystal to be ANYWHERE CLOSE to other specs, yes its better than before, no its still horrible without the crystal. 27 Sin/20 RS/19 BD right now deals the same DPS as Sabdancer with double the effort, without the crystal. 1 spec that can outparse Sabdancer on the dummy..1 SPEC and that spec is barely viable on most fights because: No AoE, there is always an add, Sabdancer wins. Blink Behind, Tail Swipe boss or something else, Sabdancer wins. Pasting our builds from the Rogue forum and pretending they are better/fine, we wasted hours and hours testing stuff on the dummies, 3 different parses, countless rotation checks. and you just take our specs as "viable" and add 10 more than make no sense/are useless. I even see my 43 NB/17 Sin/6 Ranger i made up along with a Rogue on my server back in April when you nerfed the original Charge Booster in there. I lost any hope to Trion developers with this post, it clearly shows you have no clue when you are talking about specs and wanting to "have them equal with Sabdancer". P.S You even failed at copying the Shadowdancer, its 27 Sin/20RS/19 BD, the 24 is a week old and crappy after your changes.
Hey guys, This is why we're having this conversation - if you're seeing things differently, please share your specs/gear/data. Let us know what you're seeing and finding. When doing so - please make sure you're giving us information from the PTS shards, we can't use information currently on live. Appreciate all the constructive feedback you can give us - keep it coming! Cheers,
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