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Hey everyone, Without stating the obvious, there has been a lot of discussion about rogues and the changes we’ve made to the calling in 1.5. We wanted to put together the following post to consolidate all of the changes, our goals, and the results we’ve seen. We’ve taken your feedback, data and combined it with our own results to hit our targets. To refresh all of our memories, here’s what we set out to do: Overall Gameplay Goals for Rogues in 1.5:
  • Competitive PvE Alternatives to Sabodancer, both melee and ranged.
  • Competitive PvP DPS. You should fear seeing a Rogue the same way you see a Warrior. Of equal Prestige Rank, the two should be capable of providing a similar amount of PvP threat.
  • Survivability improvements. Some self heal improvements and vampiric-type Healing Siphons - Abilities that reduce the healing intake capacity of one's target, with a portion of the stolen amount going to the rogue.
  • Better synergies between souls.
  • More utility without giving up the majority of their DPS to get it, bringing them closer in line to the flexibility that other callings have.
  • Large pack tanking improvements - Improvement to threat on multiple mobs
  • Running capacity remains -- BUT, Double-teleport-invulnerable runner (the "bugged" one) goes away.
  • Reduction in required reliance on "unfair" tactics (invuls, slips, etc) via adding true competitive power
So, how did seek to make these goals a reality? I’ve combined both sets of Patch Notes to represent the most up-to-date change list available: ROGUE First, we reduced energy starvation for every rogue
  • Rogue Energy regeneration rate has been increased to 23 Energy per second, up from 20.
ASSASSIN Gameplay goals: More up front damage, less reliance on super-long, annoying DoTs. Better poisons. Less "waste a finisher to apply a short buff." Slip Away should not be a requirement to compete.
  • Virulent Poison, Lethal Poison, Leeching Poison, Debilitating Poison, and Serrated Blades no longer trigger damage shield effects.
  • Baneful Touch: No longer a combat finisher ability. Now a self buff that increases the damage of all weapon enchantments by 20%. Unlocked after spending 20 points in Assassin.
  • Leeching Poison: The healing granted has been increased. Now unlocked after spending 14 points in Assassin, with an additional rank added at level 50.
  • Poison Mastery: Now also increases the Attack Power of the Assassin's poison-coated weapons by 15-75%. The chance for it to trigger has been increased to 4-20%, up from 2-10%.
  • Enduring Brew: Ability changed - now instantly heals the Assassin for a large amount of health, with a 1 minute cooldown.
  • Backstab: Attack Power damage bonus increased to 150% from 100%.
  • Assassinate: An additional 150% damage bonus from Attack Power is applied to this attack, up from 100%. Now also completely ignores armor on the target.
  • Exposed Weakness: The additional damage taken by the target is now increased by the Assassin's Attack Power. No longer on the global cooldown and has a 20 second ability cooldown added.
  • Physical Trauma: Ability changed - now increases the damage of Puncture, Jagged Strike, and Impale by 20-40% , and the damage of Final Blow on an impaled target by 15-30%.
  • Slip Away: Changed slightly - the Assassin is no longer immune to damage after using Slip Away. Any damage taken while Slip Away is active will not bring the Assassin out of stealth.
  • Cut and Run - New Ability: Available after spending 20 points in Assassin. Removes all control and movement impairing effects. Not on the global cooldown.
  • Debilitating Poison: Updated functionality. The Assassin coats their weapons in poisons, and each weapon attack has a 20% chance to deal additional Water damage and drain 5 Energy, 5 Power, or 3% of the target's maximum mana or 500 mana, whichever is higher. Lasts for 1 hour. Up to 2 weapon enchantments can be applied at one time.
  • Serpent Strike: Energy cost reduced to 10 from 20.
BARD Gameplay goals: A little more low level survivability - More of a reason to take this as a 3rd solo soul if you're inclined to get some more survivability back.
  • Motif of Renewal - New Ability: Unlocked after spending 6 points in Bard. Heals the Bard over 15 seconds, does not stack with Motif of Regeneration.
  • Triumphant Spirit: Healing bonus is now applied to Motif of Renewal.
  • Motif of Regeneration: Fixed a bug where this would end prematurely when another grouped Bard used their Motif of Regeneration.
BLADEDANCER Gameplay goals: Should be a viable in-your-face combat rogue.
  • Combat Culmination: Corrected the tooltip on this ability - it now indicates that unused combo points are refunded at 10 Energy per point (rank 2) or 15 Energy per point (rank 3).
  • Rhythmic actions no longer cause Exhaustion; instead, only 1 Rhythmic Action can be active at a time.
  • Weapon Barrage: Removed the damage component of this interrupt ability.
  • Strike Back: Now triggers off of dodges as well as parries.
  • Compound Attack: Damage dealt is no longer reduced when hitting 2 or 3 targets.
  • Turn the Tide: Whenever you dodge or parry an attack, it now also reduces the damage you take by 5-10%.
  • Contra Tempo: Ability changed. Your Quick Strike and Precision Strike have a 50-100% chance of granting an additional combo point. Increases the Attack Power damage bonus to your Quick Strike and Precision Strike by 5-10%. The bonus is increased by 12% for each point spent in Bladedancer above 31.
  • Counterbalance: Ability changed. Now reduces the cooldown of all Rhythmic Actions by 15 seconds.
  • Flash of Steel: Now unlocked after spending 10 points in Bladedancer. A rank 7 of this ability has been added.
  • Unabating Steel: New talent unlocked at tier 5 in the Bladedancer soul. The Bladedancer becomes immune to all control and movement impairing effects for 4 seconds after using Flash of Steel.
  • Cleanse Soul: No longer takes you out of stealth when used.
MARKSMAN Gameplay goals: No longer suffers an identity crisis around being the mobile-soul-that-requires-mostly-stationary-play. Pedestals are gone. Sniping remains. They get enchanted Ammo buffs (via their new "Munitions" line), and can bring one more ability into an AE rotation. New survivability as well. Better synergy.
  • Marksman's Pedestal and Sniper's Pedestal have been removed.
  • Hit and Run/Improved Hit and Run have been removed
  • Swift Shot, Empowered Shot, Deadeye Shot, Rapid Fire Shot: Damage increased.
  • Strafe: Damage increased. An additional 100% bonus from Attack Power is added to this attack.
  • Four new weapon enchantments for ranged weapons have been added. Only 2 weapon enchantments can be active at one time; does not stack with Assassin poisons or Nightblade weapon enchantments.
  • Electrified Munitions: Unlocked at 14 points. Ranged weapon attack abilities deal additional Air damage. Damage is increased with points spent in Marksman above 14.
  • Rending Munitions: Unlocked at 28 points. Your ranged weapon attacks ignore 25% of the target's armor.
  • Vampiric Munitions: Unlocked at 18 points. Ranged weapon attack abilities have a 20% chance to place a curse on the target, reducing their healing taken by 50% for 15 seconds. The Marksman is healed for 50% of any healing the cursed target receives. The healing siphon now works for both overhealing and healing that comes from procced effects and takes precedence over other healing debuffs applied on the target.
  • Silver Tip Munitions: Unlocked at 51 points. Ranged weapon attack abilities curse the target, causing them to take an additional 1% damage from the Marksman for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 15 times. Fixed a bug where 2 or more Marksman rogues would override each others debuff on a target. Now, multiple Marksmen can stack the debuff on the target, but are only affected by their own application.
  • Deaden: Energy cost reduced to 10 from 40.
  • Lightning Fury: Can now be cast instantly. Energy cost reduced to 30 from 40.
  • Single Minded Focus: Ability changed - now increases the damage of all single target damage abilities by 1-5%.
  • Increased Fire Power: Effect is now triggered on all critical hit attacks.
  • Penetrating Shots: Now works with both ranged and melee weapon physical attacks. Also ignores 5-25% of the target's armor, up from 4-20%.
  • Master Archer: Ability changed - Whenever you are standing still, your damage with ranged weapons is increased by 1-5%. The damage bonus is increased by 1% for every point spent in the Marksman Soul above 20.
  • Barbed Shot: The ability has returned!
  • Controlled Fire - New Ability: Available with 38 points spent in Marksman. Reduces the Energy cost of all ranged weapon attack abilities by 10% and increases the Attack Power damage bonus by 10%. The bonus is increased by an additional 5% for each point spent in Marksman above 38.
  • Rapid Extrication: Now reduces the cooldown of all Marksman abilities by 15-30%.
  • 4-piece Hammerknell Synergy Crystal bonus has been updated with the above changes: now increases the damage of Electrified Munitions by 50%.
  • The Hammerknell Synergy Crystal for Marksman has an update 2-piece bonus: Marksman Finisher abilities have a 20% chance per combo point spent to reset the cooldown of Empowered Shot and cause the next Empowered Shot to be instant.
NIGHTBLADE Gameplay goals: Some more survivability, without having to rely on pure immunities.
  • Hellfire Blades, Smoldering Blades, and Fell Blades no longer trigger damage shield effects.
  • Primal Strike: Now deals Death damage instead of Physical damage.
  • Primal Death: Now increases the damage of Primal Strike by 5-15%.
  • Enkindle: Ability changed to now increase the Attack Power bonus of your Fire & Death based attacks by 15-30%.
  • Living Flame: Increased the damage bonus from Attack Power by an additional 50%.
  • Twilight Transcendence: Ability changed; it now removes all curable harmful effects, reduces damage taken by 50%, and heals the Nightblade for 50% of their max health over 4 seconds.
  • Fell Blades: Available after spending 16 points in Nightblade. Now causes weapon attacks to have a 20% chance to deal Death damage and curse the enemy, reducing healing on the target by 50%. The Nightblade receives 50% of any healing on the cursed target. The healing siphon now works for both overhealing and healing that comes from procced effects and takes precedence over other healing debuffs applied on the target.
  • Fiery Chains: An additional 50% damage bonus from Attack Power has been added. Now unlocked after spending 32 points in Nightblade.
RANGER Gameplay goals: Synergizes with other souls better. No longer overly dependent on Shadow Fire.
  • Killing Focus: Now increases the damage of both melee and ranged weapon attacks by 2-4%.
  • Double Shot: All ranged weapon attacks gain a 10-50% chance of firing an additional shot.
  • Shadow Fire: Now increases your damage with ranged weapons by 13% for 25 seconds. The bonus to damage is increased by 1% for every point spent in Ranger above 14, to a maximum of 50%.
  • Master Huntsman: The Dire Wolf's Maul now infects the target, reducing healing taken by 10-50% - increased from 6-30% healing reduction.
  • Divert Rage: Updated tooltip to better indicate that the threat transferred to the pet is the threat generated by the Ranger in the 10 seconds after using the ability.
RIFTSTALKER Gameplay goals: Offensively synergizes through +AP and reflect shields. Some new multi-target threat coolness here too. You should be able to take some Riftstalker without flooring your DPS, as melee souls' ability to close all currently lives in this tree. We’ll be taking a broader look at raid tanking as a whole in Update 1.6, these changes are not meant to address that topic.
  • Instigate: No longer triggers the global cooldown.
  • Due to the below changes, characters with soul points spent in Riftstalker have received a free soul respec.
  • Guardian Phase: Threat generation increased to 200% from 100%. No longer purgeable.
  • Stalker Phase: Effect is no longer purgeable. Now adds a 5% damage bonus when activated. Plane Shifting adds another 15% damage bonus for 10 seconds. Effect is now triggered after using any Plane Shift abilities.
  • Planar Strike, Phantom Blow, Rift Disturbance, and Shadow Blitz: Reduced the threat generated by these abilities.
  • Shadow Blitz: An additional 50% damage bonus from Attack Power has been added to this attack.
  • Shadow Stalk: Now removes all control and movement impairing effects. While in Guardian Phase, the Riftstalker Plane Shifts toward the target, instead of to behind the target.
  • Annihilate: Damage increased. Now adds a buff that increases Attack Power by 15%, rather than a fixed value.
  • Rift Barrier: Now absorbs both physical and non-physical damage. Additionally, the absorbed damage is reflected back on the attacker.
  • Improved Rift Barrier: Removed.
  • Planar Vortex - New Ability: Whenever the Riftstalker Plane Shifts, they gain Planar Vortex which lasts for 4 seconds. Deals 50% of your weapon damage every second to surrounding enemies and generates a large amount of threat. Effect can only be triggered when the Riftstalker is in Guardian Phase.
  • Hasted Time: Increased the speed buff granted after Plane Shifting by 25-50%, up from 15-30%. Can be triggered once every 10 seconds. No longer stacks with the Bladedancer's Sprint and the Marksman's On the Double.
  • Freedom of Movement: Effect is triggered after Plane Shifting and can only occur once every 10 seconds.
  • Shadow Assault: The damage bonus from Attack Power has been increased to 100%, up from 50%. While in Guardian Phase, the Riftstalker Plane Shifts toward the target instead of to behind the target.
  • Shadow Mastery: Now a 2-point ability that reduces the cooldown of your Plane Shift abilities by 10-20 seconds.
  • Phantom Blow: Now has a 10 second cooldown. The stack size has been reduced to a single stack and reduces damage taken by 6%.
  • Rift Guard: Now absorbs damage up to 250% of your maximum health, up from 150% for a 51-point Riftstalker.
  • Defer Death: When struck by a killing blow within 30 seconds, the Riftstalker gains an absorption shield that absorbs all incoming damage for up to 50% of their max health over 15 seconds.
  • Shadow Guard - New Ability: Available after 25 points spent in Riftstalker. When you use Phantom Blow, you gain Shadow Guard for 20 seconds, reducing Physical damage taken by 1-5%. For every 1000 Armor you have, you take 1% less Physical damage up to 20% additional bonus.
  • Planar Disruption - New Ability: Unlocked with 22 points spent. Attempts to disrupt the target's spell casting. Not affected by global cooldown.
  • Physical Wellness - New Ability: Unlocked with 46 points spent. Increases the maximum health of party and raid members by 1500. Lasts for 20 seconds.
SABOTEUR Gameplay goals: Use of bombs should not be a DPS downgrade.
  • High Explosives: Now have a chance to crit on each tick instead of only the first tick. Damage increases with additional points spent in Saboteur above 44.
  • Residual Shrapnel: Functionality changed. Your Blast Charge deals an additional 35% damage over 6 seconds, and Shrapnel Charge deals an additional 50% damage over 6 seconds.
  • Annihilation Bomb, Chemical Bomb, Fragmentation Bomb: An additional 200% damage bonus from Attack Power is applied to these attacks.
  • Updated Saboteur 2-piece bonus on the Hammerknell Synergy Crystal: It now also increases the damage of Fragmentation Bomb and Chemical Bomb by 30%.
Got all that? Good – Because this will all be on the test! Seriously though, we don’t expect everyone is going to read each and every change – but it should be pretty clear how the changes made to each soul seek to meet the individual goal of that soul in addition to satisfying the overall goals for rogues outlined above. There’s no doubt we’ve done a lot – in almost all cases the only direction the numbers have gone is up. So what does this mean? You’ve got the ingredients but not the recipe – and with such a list we know it might be a daunting task to digest it all. As discussed on PTS, here are the specs we are testing with that we have found to be comparable to Sabdancer. What are yours, and what gear are you testing with? Are you seeing similar results or different? (Our apologies this wasn't up as soon as we said, we wanted to compile all the details for your convenience) DISCLAIMER: These are not intended to be de-facto builds - you’re encouraged to experiment, alter, and explore these builds yourselves (heck, surprise us!) They are not the gospel and are purely based off of a combination of your observations and our own when taking the changes available on PTS into account. Please note – this is using the live version of ZAM’s soul calculator, obviously some abilities/traits will differ but the point spreads should be roughly the same. Assasin Builds Full Assassin - 51 Sin/8 NB/7 Rgr Sinranger - 32 Sin/31 Rgr/3 RS Deep Assassin - 39 Sin/15 MM/12 NB Sindancer 1 - 32 Sin/22 BD/12 NB Sindancer 2 - 36 Sin/20 BD/10 NB Sinstalker - 37 Sin/20 RS/9 NB Shadowdancer - 24 Sin/22 BD/20 RS Nightblade Builds Full Nightblade - 51 NB/8 Sin/7 Rgr Nightdancer - 29 NB/19 BD/18 Sin Deep Nightblade - 43 NB/17 Sin/6 Rgr Bladedancer Builds Full Bladedancer - 51 BD/15 Sin/0 Rgr 32 Bladedancer 1 - 32 BD/19 Sin/15 NB 32 Bladedancer 2 - 32 BD/19 Sin/15 MM Deep Bladedancer - 40 BD/17 Sin/9 NB Marksman Builds Full Marksman - 51 MM/8 NB/7 Rgr Marksman/Ranger - 38 MM/27 Rgr/1 RS Ranger Builds Full Ranger - 51 Rgr/15 MM/0 Sin Ranger/Marksman - 33 Rgr/26 MM/7 NB Hoko - 26 Rgr/21 BD/19 Sin Saboteur Builds Full Saboteur - 51 Sab/8 NB/7 Rgr Sabdancer - 26 Sab/21 Sin/19 BD Ranged Sab - 46 Sab/20 Sin/0 Rgr So there are all the facts – we now welcome you to check it all out, share your feedback, and ask any questions you still might have. Please be specific when providing feedback – provide as much detail as possible (including your gear) and link to your own finding when able. Thanks for your continued participation on PTS – it’s extremely valuable to us, and to the game. Keep it up and thanks for playing!
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