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Hey all, I have some updates on some new things and some that were previously listed as on the radar. With 1.5 approaching most of the update is being locked down so we can make it as stable as possible. Unfortunately this means new fixes have a good chance of not being included with the 1.5 update. For the issues listed below, unless otherwise stated, they will probably be included with 1.5. Weíre reaching a point where new fixes will not be included in 1.5 due to the need to lock things down for the final update. As a heads up, once 1.5 comes out I will probably look at starting a new bug thread to help keep track of things. Iíll try to lead off my first post in that thread with a list of things that are known issues. Until then though, let me know here if there are more issues that need a look. Updates/Changes/Fixes
  • The Electrified UI doesnít always show the correct duration left for the debuff.
    This one is outside of what I can fix myself. Iíve verified it and sent the bug over to the people who can take care of it. Iíll let you all know as soon as I hear anything more on it.
  • Pets deal greatly reduced damage against most rift creatures.
    It looks like we have this fixed. If you still notice this after 1.5 let me know.
  • Cleanse abilities do not grey out if the target doesnít have a cleansable debuff.
    The Mage Cleanse type abilities will now grey out and not be castable if the target doesnít have a debuff for them to cleanse.
  • Multiple Mages cannot have Leeching Flames on a target at the same time.
  • Corpse Explosion doesnít work in PVP
  • Bloom, Flourish, etc: When specced to be instant cast, these spells remove the Quick Thinking and Opportunity buffs.
    Wanted to confirm there is a fix coming with 1.5 for this.
  • Storm Shackle doesnít proc Quick Thinking.
  • Thunder Blast doesnít proc Quick Thinking.
    This is fixed, but currently it doesnít look like this will make it in for 1.5.
  • Sever Bonds cannot be cast while silenced.
  • Flicker is not removing silences, plus other issues.
    First the good news on this, Iíve set Flicker so you can actually cast it while silenced. Iím not sure if when people were saying it wouldnít remove silences if they really meant they couldnít cast it while silenced, but it seems to be working correctly after this change. Iíve looked into the possibility of it resetting DR, but as far as I can tell after several tests, it isnít affecting DR at all when you use it. If youíre convinced this is happening on live, please try it out again after 1.5 or on PTS. Itís possible there was some fix Iím not aware of that took care of the issue before I could test it out. For Flicker not removing snares, the warrior one Iíve heard of is Earth Burst. This should be fixed with 1.5. Iím not sure which snare from the Rogues was having the issue. If there are others, or if someone has the name of the Rogue one, let me know and Iíll look into them.
  • Rift Prison bypasses the cc immunity of Ground of Strength.
Other issues
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Burning bonds pvp duration is 4 seconds, the tooltip says 8 seconds? Was this changed during the cc overhaul?
I havenít been able to reproduce this. When I cast it on someone in PVP (if they arenít affected by DR already) it lasts for 8 second.
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