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  1. The ability to see (does not mean interact with) the guild bank contents no matter where you are, taking into account rank permissions. Having the "snapshot" automatically update would be even better. And if being able to view the guild bank is a no-go, at least have the contents sync via server would be awesome. Again, adjusted for rank permissions. I just don't want to have to write LibGuildBankComm-1.0 again
  2. Being able to create viewports with the graphic renderer
  3. Allow addons to put icons on both the world map and the minimap, with coordinates
  4. Some Rift variant of an Addons Interface Options panel
  5. Inter-addon communication. I assume this is coming, or already out and I missed it. Preferably with unlimited send/receive buffers, albeit throttled
  6. More RiftFrames like colour picker, drop down menus, multi-select buttons
That should do for now LOL.
These are not small suggestions
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