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As a software engineer, I decided I would like to write a Rift addon, as it is currently sadly lacking; I was thinking a basic healing addon which lists like a raid frame so you can see the names of everyone in the party along with their health, and then setting it up so you can bind macros to click combinations - like if you left click the name of somone in the party it casts one healing spell on them, if you right click on that same name it casts a different healing spell, if you hold down the shift key and click it casts a different spell, and so on.The next stage would be it shows a small icon for each heal over time (HOT) buff on the bar for each player, so the healer can see who is buffed, who needs buffing, and maybe change color for players who are debuffed (DOT'd) and so will need healing.
All of this is currently possible except for click-to-cast. You'll need to bind your keys to macros that target "@mouseover", then you can use keyboard keys to use those abilities while the mouse is over a frame. Click-to-cast is coming, it just presents technical and security difficulties.
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