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As we're fleshing out the game interfaces, we may, occasionally, miss something. Maybe we have 95% of the functionality you need, but that last 5% is a major problem. This is the Small Suggestions Thread. If there's a feature we've almost completely provided, but we're missing one small part, this is the right place to let us know. This isn't the right place to ask about major new features or large blocks of functionality. An example of a perfect Small Suggestion:
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I note the new Planar Achievement system allows for additional increasing the maximum planar charges. I assume that the default UI will expose this for the player so that they see they can have 4 charges max. Can I therefore ask that the Inspect.Unit.Detail API exposes this as say .planarMax please?
As the addon system is improved and augmented, this thread will eventually graduate to Medium Suggestions and then just Suggestions. Similar to the Bug Report thread, we probably won't often respond to posts in this thread. We're reading it, though.
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