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NEW FEATURES: * Added new RiftCheckbox frame type. This acts and looks like a native Rift checkbox. * Added Event.Chat.Notify and Event.Chat.Npc. Note that this does not provide for player->player communication yet, only npc->player. * Added Event.Combat.Damage, Event.Combat.Death, Event.Combat.Dodge, Event.Combat.Heal, Event.Combat.Immune, Event.Combat.Miss, Event.Combat.Parry, Event.Combat.Resist. * Added Inspect.Shard(). * Added Inspect.System.Language(). * Added Inspect.Unit.Castbar() and Event.Unit.Castbar. * Added planarMax member to the result from Inspect.Unit.Detail(), added Event.Unit.Detail.PlanarMax. * Added support for keyboard events. See functions Frame:SetKeyFocus/GetKeyFocus, and events Frame.Event:KeyFocusGain/KeyFocusLoss/KeyDown/KeyUp/KeyType. * Added "shard" and "global" SavedVariables modes. Note that "shard", in addition to being shard-specific, is also account-specific. NONBREAKING CHANGES: * Visual improvements to RiftButton. * MouseMove events will now be sent between MouseDown and MouseUp events, even if the cursor is outside the window. This should make draggable UI elements significantly easier to implement. Note that, in the future, this may suppress MouseMove events sent to the actual element the cursor is over. * Rift* elements will now default to their appropriate sizes. Textures will now default to the actual size of the texture. This behavior can still be overridden. * Significantly improved documentation for System.Error. BUGFIXES: * Inspect.Unit.List() should no longer ignore offline groupmembers. * The addon manager will now display the full name of addons even if the name is very long. If the name is very *very* long, it will be truncated appropriately with "...". * Durationless buffs, most notably Rested, will no longer show incorrect duration/begin/remaining/expired values. UPCOMING BREAKING CHANGES: * ResizeToDefault and ResizeToTexture will be removed. With the new default-size behavior, this same functionality can be achieved with ClearSize(). DIFF:
 Basic globals: 	table.unpack   Inspectors: 	Inspect.Shard 	Inspect.System.Language 	Inspect.Unit.Castbar   Events: 	Event.Chat.Notify 	Event.Chat.Npc 	Event.Combat.Damage 	Event.Combat.Death 	Event.Combat.Dodge 	Event.Combat.Heal 	Event.Combat.Immune 	Event.Combat.Miss 	Event.Combat.Parry 	Event.Combat.Resist 	Event.Unit.Castbar 	Event.Unit.Detail.PlanarMax   UI: 	Frame: Inherits from Layout 		Members: 			GetKeyFocus 			SetKeyFocus 		Events: 			KeyDown 			KeyFocusGain 			KeyFocusLoss 			KeyType 			KeyUp 	RiftCheckbox: Inherits from Frame 		Members: 			GetChecked 			GetDefaultHeight 			GetDefaultWidth 			GetEnabled 			ResizeToDefault 			SetChecked 			SetEnabled 		Events: 			CheckboxChange
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