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Can I request at some point that the dev tools include the ability to list the frames under the mouse. eg: If I point at a ZorbaBuffBar it would tell me it has a text element, a timer element and a solid element under my mouse. The order listed would be based on Z-Ordering of layer. Idea is that it can be extremely useful to know what is in front of what when debugging your addon and being able to have the devtools tell you the frame stack would be useful. If this is overly complicated to achieve at present then please place in the look at later pile as I'm well aware there are high priority things to get done with the API. If its easy enough it would be extremely useful for debugging.
It's not terribly easy, but it'll likely be showing up at some point simply due to how useful it will be for debugging. Note that *technically* you can implement this entirely within the addon system but it'll be a bit of a pain.
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