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Morning guys and gals,So a couple of quick notes for you all on Veteran rewardsHow does my time count?
  • Yes all of your previous paid subscription time is counted towards Veteran Rewards
  • Yes all your future (hey I bought a 12 month sub!) time is counted towards Veteran rewards.
  • Example I have a 6 month sub, and I just renewed with a 12 month sub... That means you get all the rewards up to 18 months!
How does the merchant work?
  • Once you unlock the merchant you can summon him wherever you want in the world.
  • Any player can buy / sell items just like any normal merchant.
  • Veteran merchant is a gold based store, and does not require special currency.
  • Merchant has special items that can only be purchased if you have unlocked that veteran level.
  • Items can (and will) be updated over time to deliver new rewards!
Rewards, Rewards, Rewards!
  • The included list of rewards is only the inital offering, and also does not include ALL of the items availible for purchase (just some of the highlights).
  • There will be additional items like vanity pets / mounts availible from the veteran merchant.
  • There will be unique items (like the vanity armor suits) as well as refresh items from your favorite events. This gives veterans an oppertunity to pick up popular event items they may have missed that no longer drop.
  • Additional utility consumables like XP potions / PAXP potions etc, are something we are looking into for future updates. Since the Planar Attunment system is new we wanted to make sure that the system settled in and got tuned appropriately before we gave people a way to boost their progression through it.
As a whole we're pretty excited about the Veteran's reward system and are looking forward to updating it over time with all sorts of new an exciting rewards. Until then please keep the feedback coming!Thanks-Gersh
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