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Not entirely a bug but something that could be usefully addressed. When trying to debug addon the TrionDevelopmentTools is very useful, unless you are trying to debug something during startup! eg: Seeing the events for your addon fire is really handy. Addons appear to load alphabetically thus the initial load code of most addons will be loaded before the dev tools kick in. Is this the case? The issue I'm seeing is that because TrionDevelopmentTools loads alphabetically very late you don't see the events for addons during loading that are alphabetically earlier. Thus would it therefore not be an idea to have the dev tools named such that its an early loader and thus would show event info during loading of all the other addons. eg: _TrionDevelopmentTools?
I've thought about that, and agree it's a potential issue, but here's some easy solutions: * Rename Trion Development Tools on your local machine * In your addon, add an optional dependency on Trion Development Tools to load TDT before your addon I've been somewhat tempted to add a global "priority" value, to give some control over load order globally without having to name every addon. Hasn't happened yet, though. One big reason I haven't modified TrionDevelopmentTools with a leading underscore is that we're not guaranteeing that alphabetical load order, and I don't want to encourage people to use that technique.
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