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So in essence, this now nerfs the abilities we have to build convictions? I'm sorry I do not appreciate this change. Dont get me wrong, a off gcd taunt is amazing. Now the only ranged (justicar) conviction ability is Sovereignty, and that is at a horrible 20 Second Cool down. Please dev's let bolt of radiance keep its damage. Its Measly, no one ever crys....OMG I just got blown away by Bolt of RADIANCE!
Hi beemoved, Bolt of Radiance has not lost its damage on PTS. A new taunt has been added for justicars that is simply a taunt. The new ability has some benefits such as not being affected by the global cooldown and not having a projectile "travel time". Only the taunt component has been removed from Bolt of Radiance, you should be able to continue to use Bolt of Radiance to earn convications. ~Daglar
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