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 	local unitdetail = Inspect.Unit.Detail("group02")
This seems to return nil if the player identified by "group02" is offline, yet the default UI knows that the player exists. Is there something odd when using a unitSpecifier in Inspect.Unit.Detail vs a unitID? It kind of makes the .offline value of Inspect.Unit.Detail redundant if you can't get to the parent object when the player is offline.
I can't reproduce this - it was true at one point, but it was fixed about a month ago. Can you doublecheck? I'm logging in two characters, joining a group, having the non-leader log off, and doing "/script dump(Inspect.Unit.Detail("group02"))" on the remaining character. I get {name = "CharacterName", offline = true}. Note that the group IDs can have unexpected ordering - make sure the dump() works properly when they're logged on, I *think* it preserves the group ordering when someone logs off. Worst-case, try everything from group01 through group05, or hook Event.Unit.Detail.Offline.
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