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Hey everyone,We’re in the process of trying out some new adjustments to warriors and clerics on PTS. We appreciate the feedback received so far and wanted to share our goals and thoughts about the current direction.As we dug into your feedback on live, PTS, and our own experiences we wanted to change our approach to the bonuses you receive from core stats for these two callings. The purpose was three fold:
  • The majority of Warriors and Clerics are wearing only the armor type for their calling. (Plate for Warrior/Chain for Cleric.) We wanted to improve the experience for the majority of the players who wore the gear intended for them and not feel penalized for that decision.
  • Mages and Rogues can only gain viable stats from one armor type, it can be frustrating to have additional competition when faced with limited options.
  • Streamline the effectiveness of core stats while making them more consistent for each calling.
In the end it came down to making Wisdom the most important stat for all Clerics and Strength the most important for all Warriors. This correlates with current itemization options, as well as mirroring how the core stats currently serve Rogues and Mages.For those of you who checked out PTS over the past weekend (9/9-9/12) we had a build that had a number of issues – the values available during this time were simply incorrect. Below are the actual values we’re currently testing, remember, (like all things on PTS) these are subject to change but we welcome your thoughts and feedback at this time: Warriors:
  • Strength now contributes to 50% of your attack power and 100% of your crit. Previously strength only contributed 75% to attack power.
  • In addition, dexterity contributes 50% to your attack power. Previously it used to provide 25% attack power and 100% to your crit.
  • Wisdom determines the size of your mana pool, previously this was based on intelligence.
  • Wisdom also contributes 50% to your spell power and 100% to your spell crit. Previously wisdom only contributed 75% to spell power.
  • Intelligence now contributes 50% to your spell power. Previously it provided 25% to your spell power and 100% to your spell crit.
As you can see, this now reflects similar functionality as the core stats for Mages and Rogues while enabling all callings to get the most out of their core stats and gear.Supporting Ability Changes – ClericsClerics will also discover we’re testing a handful of changes to crit-based abilities. These were made to support the stat changes outlined above and improve the experience of playing a cleric by reducing dependency on crits while making the transition to these new changes as smooth as possible for those who wear a mix of chain and cloth armor. These numbers are experimental, we’ll be tuning accordingly based on your feedback and available data – these values are currently not yet on PTS but will be in the next patch.The following no longer require a critical hit to proc:
  • Sentinel: Serendipity now has a 40% chance to proc when someone is healed by you.
  • Inquisitor: Corporeal Punishment now has a 50% chance to increase the damage dealt by your Life and Death based abilities when using Life and Death based abilities.
  • Shaman: Lust for Blood Has a 45% chance to deal additional damage on your next physical hit.
  • Warden: Overflow now grants a 45% chance to cast an additional heal when someone is healed by you.
Please continue to share your feedback about these changes and Update 1.5 – these discussions are what the Public Test Shard are all about, we encourage you to join in!
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