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I haven't checked the forums for quite some time and actually came into the forums today looking for just this info! I've had the same problems that others have posted about with the USB Drive I received so at least now I know there is a known fault with the drives!I haven't received a replacement USB Drive as of today, so is there any chance of getting some sort of update on when the second batch went out/is going out? Would be helpfull to have some sort of indication as to how long people should wait before anyone decides to start complaining about not receiving a replacement USB Drive. Should we wait a couple more weeks? Maybe another month?
The second batch went out on Monday, so depending on where you live it's going to take, I estimate, anything from a week to 2-3 weeks. I'd love to be optimistic and say a couple of days... but by now I've seen it all. ;)Hope you receive it soon!
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