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NEW FEATURES: * Added new Mask frame type. This can be used to crop other renderables to a bounding box. * Added new RiftButton frame type. This acts and looks like a native Rift button. * Assigning "true" to a frame event table, instead of a function, is now semantically equivalent to (but somewhat faster than) assigning an empty function. BREAKING CHANGES: * The List member in the Event table metatable has been removed. * Traversing a frame's Event table with pairs() will now list all possible events, not just the ones that are currently hooked. NONBREAKING CHANGES: * "1.4" and "1.5" are now valid Environment strings. We strongly recommend using "1.5" for any addons intended to function at the 1.5 addon release. BUGFIXES: * The mouse behavior changes caused by clearing a frame event will now be immediately reflected in the UI. * Overwriting another addon's frame event will now properly credit CPU used in that event to the overwriter. * Fixed error documentation when improperly setting frame events. * __pairs and __ipairs metatable methods are now actually working. DIFF:
 UI: 	Mask: Inherits from Frame 		Members: 			(No extra members) 		Events: 			(No extra events) 	RiftButton: Inherits from Frame 		Members: 			GetDefaultHeight 			GetDefaultWidth 			GetEnabled 			GetText 			ResizeToDefault 			SetEnabled 			SetText 		Events: 			LeftPress
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