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Hey all, Have a few more updates for you today. As a point of interest for those trying to figure out how these are being prioritized and such, hereís how I general go through them. Unfortunately I am not usually able to spend most of my day going through these and typically I will work on them during random stretches of time during the day. This is why smaller issues (more easily fixed), such as the issue with Icy Chains below, seem to get fixed quickly and issues that are more complex or need some fixes to code, such as Building Storm or pet damage against rift creatures, seem to just sit without much of an update. If an issue hasnít appeared in one of my posts, Iíve most likely read it, but havenít had a chance to look into them at all and so have no information to give out on it yet. Feel free to periodically remind me of them as several of you have already been doing. In some other news, Iím going to be out of the office for a week or so, which means the fixes, responses, etc will be on hold for a bit. Wanted to give some warning on it so people didnít think responses were over and done with. Ability Fixes/Changes
  • Icy Chains is permanent unless broken by damage or times out naturally.
    This debuff is now categorized as a curse and will be able to be cleansed. This should go out with 1.5
  • The Pyromancerís Wildfire proc cannot be canceled or removed.
    Fixed this. It can now be clicked off or otherwise removed. This should go out with 1.5
  • Mage and Warrior pets do not get the benefit of their ownerís Valor.
    This is fixed and will be out with 1.5 or possibly before.
On the Radar
  • Lich Form doesnít give a full 30% damage buff to pets.
    I havenít had a chance to really look into this in depth, but it is most likely one of two things. 1) This applies to base damage and just needs a description update. 2) The 30% is additive to the other damage bonuses on the pet, such as the bonus from the Life Bane talent, and that wasnít being accounted for when comparing numbers. Iíll double check when I can and see if I can clarify.
  • Dominator Presence abilities, when cast on an enemy, can be purged by allies.
    This is a kind of weird issue. Iím working on finding a way of fixing it without introducing other weird issues or exploits.
  • Detaunt being removed by spells cast prior to detaunt.
    Yet another weird issue. I have some ideas for it, but need to spend some time testing them to make sure they actually fix things and donít cause new, worse, issues.
  • Flicker : doesn't remove silence from RB, VK (and cleric one? not sure).
    If you can get me the names of the silences it will not remove it will make it much easier for me to look into.
Other Issues
  • A couple issues have been mentioned regarding various item based procs. Item procs are not something that are affected by your talents, stats, etc. This means they will not crit etc. For the issue with the Crystal Vine description, the fact that the description updates from the Call of Spring talent is a bug we already had listed. It should still only list the 750 healing that is actually occurring.
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Haunting Pain is still not working as listed too as far as I know, it might be worth looking into, none of the movement based stacks do any damage when triggered, however, it still does a 5 tick dot over 10 seconds at the beginning of the spell irregardless of movement (I think what 1 stack would be?). Which ends up making the spell a lot different than its original intention- i.e. consistent and mediocre dmg rather than more situational but with a chance of much higher dmg.
Iím either not understanding the issue as described here or there is some confusion on the ability. Haunting Pain places multiple stacks of a DoT effect on your enemy. When they move it doesnít actually trigger any damage, it removes stacks of the DoT. Basically if the enemy stands there the DoT tics deal higher damage. If they run around, which means stacks are falling off, the DoT tics deal progressively less damage as the number of stacks goes down. If, on the other hand, Iím not understanding the issue let me know.
Thanks again for the reports all. Keep them coming.
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