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Dev posted last night that the changes on the pts that nerf both mages and rogues are here to stay. Get your pitchforks get your molotov cocktails ,and hide your husbands!
Zyzyx,With respect, I did not say "the changes are here to stay" nor did I say they are the correct ones. I said there are bugged issues on PTS.1. People have reported some major issues with various stats being nerfed outrigh such as spellpower. There are no plans to outright nerf spellpower - this sounds like a bug - I've commented on that sounding like a bug.2. We received new technology to modify how various classes receive crit. The technology went up to PTS with completely default values - these default values are bugged - they do not even match the values found in the previous section of code. They are bad data. Shame on us.3. Nothing in the above should point to "we are nerfing rogue crit".
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