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So Trion its time that you stopped ignoring your player base and balance Riftstalker versus the other tank souls.
Hi Jereome, just wanted to pop in and let you know that we are in fact looking at Riftstalker tanks. The changes that have been pushed up to PTS have primarily been to address the other concerns raised - there is a list of what the goals were for said changes that can be found in other posts and in the PTS patch notes I believe.Riftstalker tanks are actively being reviewed. That said, we needed to get the previous round of changes in for player review before moving onto the tanking issues. If you patch to PTS today you should hopefully see some Riftstalker tanking issues being addressed. We have not addressed all the issues yet, we have more to do.Please keep the following in mind with this round of changes - We are going to be reviewing all tanking classes in the not to distant future. Any changes we make now to the class have that in mind.
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