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Hereís the latest updates. These are just the ones Iíve had time to look into recently. If an issue you mentioned isnít here, it most likely means I havenít had a chance to look into it yet. The fixes and changes should make it in for 1.5: Ability Changes/Fixes
  • Warlock Armor and Charged Shield retain short duration damage buffs etc. for the full duration of the damage shield.
    These are fixed to calculate their damage each time the damage occurs. This means if you put up Empowered Darkness your Warlock Armor will do more damage for the duration of that buff, but no longer.
  • Disorient doesnít proc Swift Control
    This is an odd case where Swift Control actually procs, but it doesnít do so until the confuse portion of the ability is applied. Iíve updated it to proc when the ability successfully lands on the enemy.
  • Gravetouched Soulstone procs its buff on you and not your pet.
    This is fixed and will be in update 1.5
  • The Necromancer talent, Symbiote, isnít increasing Essence Linkís healing by 50%.
    The increase from Symbiote is to the base healing on Essence Link and not the overall healing. Iíll update the description to clarify this.
  • Repeated Icy Vortex procs on an enemy player will quickly make them immune to Snares.
    Iíve set the snare from Icy Vortex so it will not be applied to the enemy if they already have a snare. It will still apply the Hypothermia debuff each time an enemy hits you.
  • The Blood Spike ability on the Necromancerís Skeletal Zealot pet is not correctly reducing its cooldown when it consumes a stack of Deathly Calling.
    This is fixed and should make it out for 1.5
  • Nenvinís Lament can be consumed by a previously cast damage spell if that spell is still traveling to the enemy when Nenvinís Lament is cast.
    This is fixed and should make it out for 1.5. Nenvinís Lament will now only apply to the next damage spell cast after you cast Nenvinís Lament.
  • Charged Shield isnít dealing damage to an attacker from additional damage effect procs.
    The additional damage procs are essentially part of the damage from the effect that procs them and so the entire attack only triggers the damage shield once.
  • Chaged Shield doesnít proc from auto attacks.
On the Radar
  • Overload from Archmage doesnít correctly affect some abilities such as Life Leech and Dark Touch.
    Iíve found the source of the issue, but finding the correct way to fix the issue is still in the works.
  • Corpse Explosion isnít working in PVP.
    Iíve verified this is happening, but havenít found what is causing it yet.
  • Building Storm does not always correctly apply additional critical hit damage on Hypothermia spells.
    To my knowledge this is only affecting AOE abilities, such as Hailstorm. Iím looking into several options on this, but Iím not sure at the moment when anything will make it out to the servers.
Other Issues: For these if youíre sure theyíre happening, and Iím missing something, feel free to detail what youíre doing when you see the issue and Iíll take another look.
  • Life Shift isnít correctly adding 10% of the casterís health onto the healing done.
    I tested this, and it appears to be working correctly.
  • Thunder Blast doesnít interrupt spell casting if the enemy is immune to the knockback effect because of DR.
    I tested this and it appears to be working correctly.
Thanks again for all the reports. Keep them coming and I'll get through them as I can.
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