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Hi everyone, Please use this thread to discuss, report bugs, and share your feedback about the new Chronicles of Telara system coming in 1.5. We've provided an overview of the system below. Please remember to be respectful of others opinions and keep your feedback constructive, objective, and on-topic at all times. We look forward to your discussions - thanks! Chronicles Basic System Overview
  • Chronicles are casual friendly, 1 2 player instances that give players a chance to visit new areas, get new awesome loot, and experience new stories. Currently, they are intended for players just getting started after reaching Level 50.
How to
  • Launch a chronicle through the widget on the menu bar
  • Chronicles have a Daily lockout, you can only do each chronicle once a day
Know Issues / Features
  • Not all Chronicles are released as of today, more chronicles will be added throughout the PTS period
  • Chronicles are not completely finished, balanced, and tuned. We plan on continuing to adjust these throughout PTS based on player feedback and internal testing
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