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NEW FEATURES: * Added currentCooldownBegin member to Inspect.Ability.Detail. * Added role member to Inspect.Unit.Detail, added Event.Unit.Role. BREAKING CHANGES: * The currentCooldown member returned by Inspect.Ability.Detail has been renamed to currentCooldownDuration. NONBREAKING CHANGES: * Improved documentation for all frame events. * Improved documentation for Inspect.Ability/Buff/Unit.Detail. * Improved documentation for UI.CreateFrame. * Improved documentation for Frame:SetPoint. * Tweak documentation for Inspect.Time.Frame. * SetAllPoints(), if given no parameters, now defaults to the frame's parent. BUGFIXES: * Print empty debug lines properly. * Mouse events will no longer trigger for hidden frames. * Frequently-updating text will no longer jitter. * Text:SetFont now works as intended. DIFF:
 Events: 	Event.Unit.Detail.Role
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