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Hey all,Catching up on some recent posts in this thread. FYI - I've passed on the fact that for at least Twilight Bloom the harvesting nodes do not always despawn after use and remain empty.After this mornings update I've caught the list up to our current status. There may be smaller issues that we are working on fixes, I'll address those individually where I can if an investigation is ongoing.There were quite a few great changes with this morning's Hot Fix, I recommend reading the full notes if you have not yet already - thanks!FIX IN PROGRESS
  • UPDATED - Cult Saga Quest: "Moonshade Mop-Up" may still have a chance to not work properly. If this occurs please contact a GM and they will be able to assist you.
FIXED ISSUESThe below may not be an exhaustive list of all issues fixed in recent Hot Fixes or updates. Please see the provided links for the full list of notes with each patch, thanks!RIFT 1.4 Hotfix #3 - 8/9/11
  • Guild Roster may not show the last few names of members on the list.
  • Quest "Wishes of Dominata" may not work properly
  • Quest "Insanity Intelligence": Book of Minor Gods will not spawn. Was moved to fixed, issue appears to persist after Hot Fix, we are investigating.
  • Tooltips overwrite or display the incorrect item information on occasion.
  • PvP Lures do not always work on all Raid Rift Tears.
  • There's a lot more than this - I recommend checking out the full notes!
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