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NEW FEATURES: Mouse input: * Added new mouse events for multiple buttons: Right, Middle, Mouse4, Mouse5. * Added Upoutside event for all buttons. After a Down, you are guaranteed to receive an Up or Upoutside eventually. Up will be called if the mouse button was released inside the frame, Upoutside will be called if the mouse button was released outside the frame. * Added Click events: LeftClick, RightClick, MiddleClick, Mouse4Click, Mouse5Click. * Added non-button frame mouse events: WheelForward WheelBack MouseIn MouseOut MouseMove. MouseMove includes the mouse's new coordinates as parameters to the event. * Added Frame:SetMouseMasking/Frame:GetMouseMasking, permitting the developer to gain more control over which events are consumed by the frame. * Added Inspect.Mouse. Unit events: * Added Event.Unit.Available and Event.Unit.Unavailable, which tell you when a unit becomes readable via Inspect.Unit.Detail. * Added a large number of events under Event.Unit.Detail.*, including Afk, Charge, Combo, ComboUnit, Energy, Guild, Health, HealthMax, HealthCap, Level, Mana, ManaMax, Mark, Name, Offline, Planar, Power, Pvp, TitlePrefix, TitleSuffix, Vitality, and Warfront. Secure frames: * Added secure frames. See Frame:SetSecureMode for documentation. * Added Event.System.Secure.Enter and Event.System.Secure.Leave to inform the addon environment when it is entering and leaving secure mode. * Added Frame:SetMouseoverUnit/Frame:GetMouseoverUnit. These functions can be called on a "restricted" secure frame, and cause that frame to behave like mouseovering a target. Other: * Added Utility.Dispatch, which allows you to call a function and change the current environment ownership. This lets you credit execution time to other addons and display other addons' names in the debug window. * Added support for .png files. * Added "begin" member to the result of Inspect.Buff.Detail. * Added Command.System.Flash, which allows flashing the Rift taskbar icon as an alert. BREAKING CHANGES: * Mouse event LeftUp will no longer be guaranteed to be called after LeftDown. Instead, LeftUpoutside may be called. * The "unavailable" member from Inspect.Unit.Detail has been renamed to "warfront". * Development.Documentation has been moved to Inspect.Documentation. * Inspect.System.Time has been split into Inspect.Time.Frame and Inspect.Time.Real. NONBREAKING CHANGES: * Error dumps will now display the addon's name, not [Rift]. * Added a new error type to Event.System.Error, "dispatch". * The results from Inspect.Unit.Detail will now always show the following members, even if they're equal to "Max": health, mana, charge, energy, combo, power, vitality. * Updated Lua backend to LuaJIT 2.0.0-beta8 hotfix1. Enabled Lua 5.2 compatibility features. For security reasons, string.dump() is still not provided and loadstring()'s ability to accept bytecode has been disabled. * Utility.Event.Create now returns the created event frame as its second return value. * Inspect.Unit.Detail can now be called on groupmembers who are offline or in a warfront without you. BUGFIXES: * Fixed many issues with mouse button events. * Fixed an uncommon crash with Inspect.Ability.Detail. * Fixed an uncommon crash with Inspect.Unit.Detail. * Fixed a crash caused by embedding an addon that is not in the Addons/ directory. * Fix documentation typo for Inspect.Unit.Detail. * Texture:GetTextureWidth() and Texture:GetTextureHeight() now report accurate values immediately. By extension, Texture:ResizeToTexture() also now functions immediately. * Inspect.Unit.Detail will now include correct "afk", "offline", and "warfront" parameters. DIFF:
 Basic globals:   Development.Documentation (removed) Inspectors: 	Inspect.Documentation   Inspect.Mouse   Inspect.Time (removed)   Inspect.Time.Frame   Inspect.Time.Real Commands:   Command.System.Flash Utilities:   Utility.Dispatch Events:   Event.System.Secure.Enter   Event.System.Secure.Leave 	Event.Unit.Available 	Event.Unit.Detail.Afk 	Event.Unit.Detail.Charge 	Event.Unit.Detail.Combo 	Event.Unit.Detail.ComboUnit 	Event.Unit.Detail.Energy 	Event.Unit.Detail.Guild 	Event.Unit.Detail.Health 	Event.Unit.Detail.HealthCap 	Event.Unit.Detail.HealthMax 	Event.Unit.Detail.Level 	Event.Unit.Detail.Mana 	Event.Unit.Detail.ManaMax 	Event.Unit.Detail.Mark 	Event.Unit.Detail.Name 	Event.Unit.Detail.Offline 	Event.Unit.Detail.Planar 	Event.Unit.Detail.Power 	Event.Unit.Detail.Pvp 	Event.Unit.Detail.TitlePrefix 	Event.Unit.Detail.TitleSuffix 	Event.Unit.Detail.Vitality 	Event.Unit.Detail.Warfront 	Event.Unit.Unavailable UI: 	Frame: Inherits from Layout 		Members: 			GetMouseMasking 			GetMouseoverUnit 			GetSecureMode 			SetMouseMasking 			SetMouseoverUnit 			SetSecureMode 		Events: 			LeftClick 			LeftUpoutside 			MiddleClick 			MiddleDown 			MiddleUp 			MiddleUpoutside 			Mouse4Click 			Mouse4Down 			Mouse4Up 			Mouse4Upoutside 			Mouse5Click 			Mouse5Down 			Mouse5Up 			Mouse5Upoutside 			MouseIn 			MouseMove 			MouseOut 			RightClick 			RightDown 			RightUp 			RightUpoutside 			WheelBack 			WheelForward
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