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Hey everyone, It’s energizing to see all the excited posts about 1.4 and the new features and content it’s brought to RIFT. With 1.4 also came the next Planar Menace with all new daily quests to do and rewards to earn. Based on feedback and our own experiences we’re working on making the following changes in upcoming Hot Fixes – our goal is to make Legacy of the Fallen a stress-free and fun way to celebrate the update (and get cool stuff of course!)
  • We’ll be changing the daily requiring you to kill a Dragon Mote to a weekly reward and increase the rewards, this will allow you to better plan on when you can grow your Mossy Tartagon to maturity.
  • Rifts/Invasions will start dropping the Quintessence’s (if they reward XP), but with a lower drop rate than Motes.
  • While we’re still on the subject of the Mossy Tartagon, we’re making sure the mount scales with your fastest mount and is useable at any level. It will default to 60 if you don’t yet own a mount.
  • The rate at which Motes spawn will also be increased this should provide a greater opportunity for you to find and kill them.
  • Quintessence’s will also continue to drop from Rifts/Invasions after the event is over – so you don’t need to spend all your Dragon Tears yet! (Unless you want to of course )
And on that mote...erm, note: Did you know it’s actually far less efficient to purchase quintessence’s than it is to earn them from Motes (and soon Rifts/Invasions)? So don’t feel you have to skip everything on the store just to get the mount - especially since you can continue to grow it and earn Quintessences after the event has ended! Thanks again for all of your feedback – we hope you enjoy the variety of activities that will be available to you during the weeks this event is active. Of course, we’ll let you know if anything else changes – have fun!
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