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Here are this weeks winners!Remember, this may not be the final list - players are only eligible to earn these titles once per person. In the event someone has earned the title from a previous event we'll pick the next eligible player.If you didn't have a chance to participate this week - never fear! We change the time and days of these contests weekly to give as much opportunity as possible, so keep your eyes out! (Check out RIFT Connect to receive notices in game, such as when the next Community Event has started)
  1. FuseAQM
  2. Enky
  3. Lord Garrius DeTylmar
  4. Silverhawkcloudborne
  5. Xonia
  6. atheos-of-dimroot
  7. Rizz
  8. Coolstorybro
  9. Shajik
  10. Saus
  11. Ryvick
  12. Wolfviking
  13. Warrox
  14. Zaiana
  15. Zalast
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