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While I have inherited all of Scarwood at this point and built some of the original content (almost everything revolving around Kain and the Sanctuary Guard), I was not the person that originally built the Sagespire content, so I can't take any credit for those ideas. I am just cleaning up a bunch of old bugs there. I took a quick glance at the health of those mobs, and you are right - they are all set to be 150-200% of normal, for reasons that are not clear to me (which probably means there is no good reason in this case).I did nothing to change where the fighting occurs during the event and in fact reduced the number of mobs from what used to spawn, but I did add some more NPCs to the front of the spire which is probably helping them get chained inside.I will look at moving the fighting further from the Spire entrance (and make sure that the healer stays out of the fight - probably make sure the fight stays off the respawn pad too, since that is just rude, lol). Were there any other specific important NPCs that were often pulled into the fighting besides the female quest giver just inside the entrance and the healer?
I had that problem as well. I'd kill the 4 mobs around a portal, barely (since my spec is more for a DPS coverage of a group - man, I kill those mobs easily with even one backup player lol), then 1-2 more mobs will appear as I'm halfway into closing the portal, then as I kill those ones, another 1-2 show up and I'm *always* dead by that point.
Was the above problem something that you saw yesterday or something you saw previously? I ask because that is specifically one of the things I was trying to fix.Currently, a mob should spawn when you first come up and try to close the portal. That mob is in direct response to your attempt or will need to be killed (the name is even slightly different than the mobs that are running to the front even if they look like the same model). Once that model is killed, you should have a window to close the portal.If mobs at the front are killed while you are at a portal, it is possible that replacement mobs could spawn and aggro on you. I could add some additional scripting to prevent that.On the plus side, there have been no reports so far of those quests just not working at all since 1.4 - which was the key thing I was trying to fix. Anyway, thank you for the feedback. I can't promise an immediate improvement on this since I am waist deep in some exciting new content (sorry, no spoilers!), but I will try to come around to this in the next couple of weeks. If you want to add pressure to getting this fixed more quickly (always useful for convincing producers to shift my time to hot issues), enter a report using the in-game feedback tool. As long as you write the feedback while IN Scarwood, I will see it personally.
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