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With this afternoons Hot Fix we've resolved the black map issues as well as introduced several other improvements. Latency experienced during periods of high player activity introduced in Update 1.3 remains our top priority - thanks! RESOLVED ISSUES These are previously listed issues that have been resolved, in most cases these are not all of the improvements included in the linked Hot Fix notes. Please see the full notes after the links for all the details about what was included. RIFT 1.3 Hotfix #5 - 6/30/11
  • World Map appears black when zoomed out
  • Warfronts: Allow mixed Warfronts to start with solos, duos, and premade groups after a number of non-premade matches are started. This should help with the extra long wait times for premade groups on some shards.
  • Re-fixed Wine compatibility with RIFT.
  • Instance lockouts are now transferred with characters. Incomplete instances are not saved, however, so two characters with a shared instance lockout that transfer to the same new shard will not have the same saved incomplete instance.
  • Added an additional warning for characters attempting to leave a guild that has already been transferred.
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