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NEW FEATURES: * Added the framework for units. See documentation for Inspect.Unit.Detail(), Inspect.Unit.List(), Inspect.Unit.Lookup(), Event.Unit.Change.Add, Event.Unit.Change.Remove. * Added events for buffs. See documentation for Event.Buff.Add, Event.Buff.Change, Event.Buff.Remove. * Addon files will now be passed a single parameter. The parameter is a table, containing two members: "identifier" with the addon's identifier, and "data", which is an empty table that the addon can use for internal purposes. This parameter will be shared between all files in this addon. * Documentation is now provided for events. BREAKING CHANGES: * Removed Event.Addon.Starting, Event.Addon.Shutdown, and Event.Addon.Finalizing. These have been renamed to Event.Addon.Startup.End, Event.Addon.Shutdown.Begin, and Event.Addon.Shutdown.End. * The result of Inspect.Buff.Detail() will no longer include a .buff member. To determine if something is a buff, check the .debuff member. If it's not a debuff, it must be a buff. NONBREAKING CHANGES: * IDs now have a single-character type identifier as a prefix. Currently this includes 'u'nit, 'b'uff, and 'a'bility. BUGFIXES: * Adding more SavedVariables to an addon will no longer force those variables to "nil" on the addon's first run. * SavedVariables set to "nil" will now actually save "nil"s. * Event.System.Update.Begin will no longer trigger without a corresponding Event.System.Update.End. * Frame:SetAlpha() now correctly takes values between 0 and 1. * Frame:SetParent() will no longer cause events set on that frame to stop working. * Texture:GetTextureWidth() and Texture:GetTextureHeight() will now be available immediately after loading a texture. MEMBER DIFF:
Inspectors: 	Inspect.Unit.Detail 	Inspect.Unit.List 	Inspect.Unit.Lookup  Events: 	Event.Addon.Finalizing (removed) 	Event.Addon.Shutdown (removed) 	Event.Addon.Shutdown.Begin 	Event.Addon.Shutdown.End 	Event.Addon.Starting (removed) 	Event.Addon.Startup.End 	Event.Buff.Add 	Event.Buff.Change 	Event.Buff.Remove 	Event.Unit.Change.Add 	Event.Unit.Change.Remove
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