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A number of new improvements with this morning's Hot Fix. Please note EU will receive these this evening (early AM in europe) RESOLVED ISSUES These are previously listed issues that have been resolved, in most cases these are not all of the improvements included in the linked Hot Fix notes. Please see the full notes after the links for all the details about what was included. RIFT 1.3 Hotfix #4 - 6/29/11
  • LFG Tool: Players will sometimes receive the deserter debuff if an instance is not created when using the random dungeon tool.
  • Guardian Raid Rifts: Players completing the Life or Death 20-man Rift do not receive an Inscribed Sourcestone
  • Justicar: Righteous Mandate does not receive healing contribution from non-justicar abilities
  • Justicar: Precept of Refuge is not increasing block chance properly.
  • Justicar: Rebuke is currently not working properly.
  • Heroic Healing Tonic is incorrectly producing 1 tonic per batch instead of the original 3.
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