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i read the updated list of issuse that are being fixed and i did not see on that said anything about the Wine and Crossover game problem and we have been waiting since friday or the Hotfix #3 to play and have not gotten a reply as to if there is anything happening to fix our problem and i know that you have helped to solve Wine and Crossover problems before so i would just like to know if you are trying to fix the newest one which is that the game freezes right after we hit the play button from the login screen it stops as soon as the full window aplication opens.
As Wine/Crossover is unofficially supported it's trickier to include on a list of issues we've officially explored (since conditions with each update can change the amount of support/time we're able to give to an issue such as this). That said, we've already addressed it in the Tech support boards and you can expect a fix soon:http://forums.riftgame.com/showthrea...-pm-patch-6-24Thanks!
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